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Meet your guides

Das ist dein Guide Tim


Founder and Content

I have been traveling the world for 3 1/2 years. My best experience was my Work and Travel in Australia. That's where I laid the foundation for our project. At that time, we were able to make our offers available to a small group. Due to the very positive response, we now want to expand the offer and enable you to have a wonderful time abroad!

Das ist dein Guide Lars


Relations and Finances

Before and after finishing high school, I traveled a lot in Europe and visited every country by car. I want to make it possible for everyone to have such a wonderful time. Seldom have I been as relaxed and free as I was then! Even today, traveling is still a big part of my life. I love getting to know new people and maintaining contacts. 

Das ist dein Guide Felix


Social Media and Content

I myself spent a year in Canada shortly after graduating from high school. This time was the most inspiring for me in my life and I always look back with joy. Now I would like to share my experiences here in order to make your most beautiful trip as easy and relaxed as possible. You can also reach out to me personally on our Instagram page, where I regularly share new information.

Das ist dein Guide Michael


IT and Website

I myself have already spent a long time in China and South Korea and I can tell you that these experiences have completely changed my life! The culture was so fascinating. I am responsible for the website so that I can give you the most important information for your adventure.

Das ist dein Guide Hiob


App Development

G'day! I am passionate about traveling and I am constantly trying to broaden my horizons. Thanks to my previous stays abroad in China, Japan and Thailand, I know what it means to face greater challenges. This is why I am very motivated to make it easier for others to go abroad. So that you will always have everything on your mobile phone in the future, I am responsible for the development of an app, which should explain my appearance here quite well.

Our history

Start of the instagram page "Australienratgeber"

Tim gained a lot of valuable experience during his stay in Australia. He really wanted to share these experiences with other backpackers. To do this, the Instagram page “Australienratgeber” has been brought to life, where he answered as many questions as possible to people personally.

October 2, 2017
Founding of the association "Australienratgeber"

With the increasing number of followers and positive feedback, Tim decided to found an association. The aim was to make traveling for backpacking beginners as easy as possible, just like he would have liked it when he first arrived.

August 1, 2018
Support in the preparation of CVs

After a while it became clear that many backpackers have problems with the professional design of their Australian CVs in English. Therefore, he developed a professional CV template that he filled out together with the backpackers. This way, they could find a job quickly and stress-free.

October 2018
Placement of jobs in Australia

Tim was able to expand his network both through his own jobs and through the support of other backpackers. This enabled him to personally get to know employers from different areas. In this way he was able to find interesting jobs for other backpackers.

November 2018
Start of the first website "www.australienratgeber.de"

After a while, the same questions kept piling up on Instagram. Tim summarized these in a step-by-step list on a first website. This list comprises answers to the central questions that are important for the preparation and stay of a Work and Travel year in Australia.

February 3, 2019
Reshaping the association

Unfortunately, due to the corona pandemic, work had to be suspended for a long time. During this time, however, the vision of a website and app emerged, which should simplify the backpacker's preparation and stay even more. We have now come together as a team to put these ideas into practice.

October 18, 2021
Start of the Newsletter raffles

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December 1, 2021
New informative website about Australia

A wide-ranging website with all the necessary information about your Work and Travel in Australia will go online soon. We offer you simple instructions, share our personal experiences with you and offer you other interesting and exciting facts about the country.