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We are “Work and Travel Guide” and our mission is to connect international travelers with employers in Australia. We make an effort to include educated and sensible staff in our portfolio, and we make it very easy for you as an employer to search our talent pool and find your ideal candidate.

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Mann vor Computer auf Jobsuche

Easy to use Online tools

We are a group of young IT enthusiasts who want to connect the backpacking community with high quality employers. We achieve this through innovative approaches through solutions that are simple to understand and easy use for both computer novices as well as IT experts.


Talent pool for easy hiring

Our first product is a Talent pool, where each of our customers can be found. This is provided with filter functions, which quickly and intuitively ensure that the right employee can be found. In addition, the different candidates are provided with different additional badges, which makes the pool even easier to understand.


HR Management tool (coming soon)

We are currently working on a human resource management tool that will allow you to very easily manage your payslips as well as track the hours of your employees. You will be able to create teams via this mobile and web application and quickly find replacements for employees who unfortunately have to leave your venue.


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Work and Travel Guide – wir sind hier um zu bleiben!

Mit einer Native und Web-App, die individualisierte Reiseplanung, eine qualitativ hochwertige Jobvermittlung und innovative Community-Austausch-Möglichkeiten bietet – wollen wir mit unserer Unternehmung die größte backpackercommunity der Welt aufbauen.

Von Reisenden für Reisende! Wir sind für euch da :).

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